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Great - but....

I enjoyed all of the animations in brackenwood, so I read your interview, with Dan Paladin. Anyway I heard you wanted it to become a family favroiute or something like that, and if you want to reach that goal I suggest you tone down the violence slightly, I agree it's funny and entertaining, but it won't become a family favourite like that I expect. You may compare it to one of Grims fairy tales, but the main diffrence is that every creature Bitey encounters he fights, within Grims fairy tales there's normally some kind of deciet or whatever. I'm gueesing your trying to make your animations and stories similar to Grim's anyway... Hope you found this advice helpful.

BTW this was meant to be a PM but you only accept them from contacts and I figured this was kind of like a review..

Pepi Le Pou

this seems very much like Pepi Le Pou, did it inspire you? it was about a cat which knocked over a paint can and so looked like a skunk, another skunk fell in love with her and follwed her like that. It was still a very good cartoon though even if not original

Well done

well done, this realy shows a fraction of the beauty of nature, it follows it's rules, the albatros flies and rests only to mate alone, they spend all thier time with the wind, the sea, the sky . Living a slow life where they just want to contitnue away from change. This contrasts with the seagul who must rely of others for scavenging and survival so thier brought into small locations with many seagulls which make them groups. As to wether an albortrous and a seagull can commune i'm not so sure, as far as i know the albotrous hardly ever speaks but theuy both belong to the same spiecies so they should be able to commune i guees.

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Way to easy...

it starts of challenging but as soon as you upgrade your weapons enough the game just becomes repetitive and boring i Got to about level 15-20 before I got bored anyways here's some suggestions:

lower the health of the centipedes because there pratically impossible to kill untill you get the 1000 credit gun

also you jump in power a lot when you do reach the 1000 credit gun as well maybhe insert a few more guns between 'cos it tok ages to get it and once I had it I was invincible.

Make the enemies faster I hardly ever got to use the vulcan because I killed them before i was en range in later levels

make levels shorter

make special bosses every 10 or so levels

after each level present a upgrade panel and have a "tree"

story cutscenes

vulcan has more ammo

vulcan can shoot backwards

have 2 use weapon 4 it to recharge, too easy alternating

that's about it


When I tried the game at first I found it nothing but frustrating, anyways I tried the sandbox mode which was quite fun to play around with all the patterns...


squidsquid responds:

Fair enough, nice pattern.

cool game

I scored 300 million :) it was a good game but slightly monotonous so 7 stars

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Thanks for telling me

Nice wonderful music, thanks for messaging me about it, keep up the good work : )
the layers work well to!

Reasoner responds:

At your service sir

Wasn't expecting this at all....

This peice realy does stand out from the rest.... it's something that not only calms you and allows you to relax like all your other peices but actually makes you feel alive.

Great work....

Reminds me of Mozart but spiced up a bit to a soohting AND Cool, enjoyable song.


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